There’s a myth that says that Macs are pretty much immune to the effects of malware and viruses, but the truth is very different. Part of this mythos was promoted by Apple itself who, in a series of ads run in 2006 touted their operating system as being immune to data threats. However, the world is a very different place today than it was when those claims were made. The increasing sophistication of malware attacks has meant that both Windows operating Systems and Mac operating systems are now vulnerable.

However, there may be some truth to the fact that Macs may be more secure than PC’.

The Mac design means that it is inherently more secure against data threats – but that does not mean that users can rely on that design and their operating systems to stop threats. To do so would be to expose data to those who have profit in mind – and make no mistake the opportunities for those criminal players is now higher than ever. There are off the shelf tools that will allow hackers to access even the most secure of systems, there are viruses that show an uncanny ability to evolve, and there is malware that has been designed explicitly by both private and shadowy government agencies across the globe to play havoc with both PC and Mac operating systems.

So installing an antivirus program that will ensure good security has never been more critical – and Mac users need to be aware of this fact.

Even as long ago as 2017 the percentage of malware attacks on Macs had jumped 270% from the previous year. Bear in mind that these were malicious pieces of software and attacks that were specifically designed to affect Macs. The days of the cyber attack bulletproof Mac are clearly over.

You can still get away with it!

However, it does bear saying that the percentage of Malware attacks on macs is insignificant – but only compared to PCs. And definitions are important. Malware is designed to extort money or obtain data. So if this is the case why should Mac users be concerned? The short answer is because there are other threats out there that can affect the users Mac and their online experience.

One of these is Adware which has the potential to redirect users to sites they may not be interested in and cause an annoying number of pop-ups and similar clutter. It is an attempt to redirect users to specific sites – making those who design the Adware a fortune from advertisers who merely want traffic. That is the best case scenario. At worse Adware can install vicious malwares on a Mac.

In a nutshell, if you are running a system that relies on macOS, you should be installing third-party virus protection – from a trusted source. There are few if any free sources – and many of those carry their risks. If you have a Mac – it’s better to be safe than sorry – install an antivirus package.