Images & Réseaux

The Images & Réseaux cluster is a non-profit association of organisations in Brittany and Pays–de-Loire French economic Regions having the objectives:

    • To set-up projects in the different areas of Networked Electronic Media and Broadband, including image chain services, image on the move, content distribution, network, content and data security, virtual reality and augmented networks.
    • To integrate and operate the test beds generated by the R&D projects that the cluster organises.
    • The services of the test beds are diverse:

– integration of the technologies generated by R&D projects and project result assessment,
– interoperability tests for installed technologies,
– experimentation through users at home or in mobility connected to cluster platforms.

The main organisations composing the cluster are large companies like Technicolor, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Thales, 180 SMEs, and main research centres, like INRIA, Telecom Bretagne. It is funded by the French government and both the economic Regions and the fees of its 233 stake-holders.

Organising collaborative R&D projects is a strong activity of the Images & Réseaux cluster. All funding bodies in France (ANR-Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, FUI-Fonds Unique Interministériel, the Bretagne and Pays-de-la-Loire economic Regions, BPI-Banque Publique d’Investissement) request project labellisation by the cluster as a condition for funding. With over 556 projects labellised and 260 projects funded since 2005, Images & Réseaux manages project calls and selection (labellisation) thanks to its internal team and with the help of the (external) experts forming the Validation and Selection Committee.



YMLP-Conseil is a newly founded consulting office whose objective is to assist SMEs to create and manage collaborative projects especially those of the Framework programme. The expertise of YMLP-Conseil is based on the experience of its director who has been managing such projects for several decades and has taken part to the previous phases of the FI-PPP.

When managing consortiums within FP6 or FP7, Yves-Marie le Pannérer experienced the difficulties of many small partners to handle the formal aspects of contracts at the same time as producing a high level scientific research. The reason was simply that the staff of SMEs was limited and that the same people had to face all the tasks that, in bigger organisations, were addressed by different experts. So they preferred to concentrate on the technical work and, for the financial and administrative reporting, rely on the assistance of the coordinating person. For the same reasons, many small organisations were reluctant to enter EC collaborative projects because of the (real or supposed) complexity of the procedures and rules. Convinced that his experience could be useful for many small or medium size organisations in order to join collaborative programmes, Yves-Marie Le Pannérer created YMLP-Conseil with precisely the mission of assisting them to build proposals and manage contracts.

YMLP-Conseil is established in Rennes, at the heart of the Brittany Region, where dozens of SMEs (belonging to the Images & Réseaux cluster) are active in the fields of telecommunication, informatics and media.


Grassroots Arts and Research (GAR) is a media research and development company led by the directors Carmen Mac Williams and Tilman Veltjens. The company is offering creative concepts, interactive media design and project management for media research and productions. The assets are vision, know-how, talent and a network of Media Artists and Designers for interactive media productions. Grassroots Arts and Research was founded by Carmen Mac Williams as Spin Off Company from the Interactive Lab 3 of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) in 2006.


iMinds is Flanders’ digital research center and business incubator, established by the Flemish government in 2004. Building on the strength of our 850+ top researchers located at 5 Flemish universities, we introduce digital innovation in 6 key markets (ICT, Media, Health, Energy, Smart Cities and Manufacturing). We collaborate with research partners to convert digital knowhow into real-life products and services that change people’s lives for the better. Key asset is our agile, open research mind set and proven methodology. As a business incubator, iMinds also guides researchers, young entrepreneurs and start-ups in the successful market introduction of their ideas.