Workshop for start-ups meetup and biz coaching
July 1, 2016



A workshop for “Horizontal Start-up Meetup and Business Coaching” was organised by MAC (Madrid ICT-Audiovisual Cluster) in Madrid on 23rd June.

A total of seven participants from 6 start-ups (UEG Mobile, Eurob, Encore Lab, Smarttaxi, Oblumi, Outbarriers), moderated by an expert in business development, exchanged experiences and insights about:

  • Open discussion on Fiware, benefits and problems encountered.
  • Use of CANVAS for problem solving and generating ideas on the development of projects, specifically aimed at ensuring sustainability.
  • One-2-one analysis of the sustainability model applied to each project
  • Final discussion on next steps and future business development

The exchange of ideas and the fact of sharing similar experiences between the participants and with the business expert, proved to be very helpful for the future development of the start-ups.