Eskesso: finalist in South Summit 2016
July 28, 2016



South Summit 2016 (Madrid, 5-7 October) is one of the leading startups conferences in Europe aimed at bringing together startups, international investors and leading corporations in search for innovation. Starting in 2014, this event has had more that 7.000 attendees, including 3.500 entrepreneurs and 450 investors. One of the most relevant attractions during the event is the Startup Competition in which the 100 most disruptive startups selected among more than 3.000 applicants, will compete to be one of the four winners. But being a finalist is already winning as it gives the company the opportunity to pitch in front of top-tier international investors, media and leading corporations, to have one-to-one meetings with most of them and to attend a training program before the event.

Eskesso, one of FI-C3 subgrantees, applied to the Startup Competition from the very beginning. They knew South Summit was the place they need to be in order to raise the desired funding. They worked hard on the application form and they tried to show the jury how disruptive their project is and how much it deserves to be in such an event. Luckily, they happened to do it well and they were selected last Tuesday as one of the finalist startups.

For Eskesso being a South Summit finalist represents a great opportunity to go a step forward in their race to make a dream come true. After their fantastic experience in the FI-C3 accelerator and just before starting the StartupBootCamp IoT accelerator program in London, South Summit will help them gain visibility and look for the necessary mentors, advisors and investors.

After South Summit, Eskesso will run a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter that will help them validate the market and start preparing their product for mass production.