Supported domains

The objective of proposals must be to build new Internet services/products in the following three business domains:

Smart Territories

Smart city guides; smart city platforms; smart city services; personalised location based services and apps; infotainment; in-real-time connecting moving people and place and events; use of open data, etc.

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Media & Contents

Multimedia augmented reality; transmedia –cross all media devices–; video games; cinema; TV; internet video; eLearning; on-line editing and postproduction; web software needed to support/publish/produce Digital & Media Content.

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Care & Well-Being

Smart home; indoor position; personalised connected media; quantified self-ambient assisted living; secure home; location based services.

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Applicant area

This is the section where you can get information if you are considering FI-C3 Programme as a possible way of financing your innovative, market focused, business idea so entering the applicant process.

Information provided covers the following topics:

  • Who can take part.
  • What kind of proposals and activities can receive support.
  • Maximum funding limit.
  • How to prepare, structure and submit a proposal.
  • Timetable of calls.
  • Selection procedure and criteria.

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Sub-Grantee Area

If your proposal is selected for being supported by the FI-C3 Programme, then it becomes a project and you became a sub-grantee.

In this section you can get information about:

  • The way selected projects will be managed during their development phases: first you will need to fulfil a Negotiation Phase in which a sub-grant agreement is signed and then the project will enter the Implementation Phase scheduled in 3 month Evaluation Periods.
  • Different kind of support offered to selected projects: not also financial support is offered but also business development support.

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Fi-PPP Programme

Here you can access information on FI-PPP Programme where FI-C3 is one of the 16 so called FIWARE Accelerators of FI-PPP Phase 3.

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